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New Gregg County Program Helps Keep Seniors Safe

When someone goes missing, officials say that time is crucial. Now, one lifesaving device that has been in use in other areas of East Texas is finally being used in Longview.

And as KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley shows you, it can locate your lost loved ones in minutes.

For Kevin Shelly and his 74 year old mother, Flo, a good puzzle makes them laugh. But it hasn't always been smiles.

Fourteen years ago, Flo was diagnosed with dementia, and her memory started to fade.

"One time I remember we were gone for a little while and Mom was here we came and back and it had started to rain and Mom was just about to leave the neighborhood, you know and it was getting was like, yikes!" said Kevin.

And Kevin's biggest fear, "With her memory not being real good that she wouldn't be able to find her way back."

That' s when Kevin called for help.

Every six weeks, Nancy Dukes of Alzhimer's Alliance changes Flo's battery in her Care Trak bracelet device. When Flo travels three miles away from the receiver her transmiiter bracelet gives off an alert.

Darrell Ferguson with the Gregg County Sheriff's Department gets that alert and is able to find Flo with it. 

"The bracelet just really brings a peace of mind and protects Mom," said Kevin.  

So far, two thousand missing people nationwide have been found through this device called Project Lifesaver.

"I think if more people had this that we would be able to find the people before it's too late," said Duke.  

"If she didn't have the bracelet my fear was her wondering off and that a person that's not found in 24 hours a lot of times they don't survive. So, that's my biggest fear," said Kevin.

A fear they don't have to worry about thanks to a life saving device.

Alzheimer's Walks will kick-off tomorrow at 5:00 pm in several East Texas towns.

For more information on the Care Trak bracelets call the North Texas Alzheimer's Alliance

at 1-800-789-0508.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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