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Anderson County sees damage, possible tornado from last night's storms

A wet, wild and windy night. This morning, residents are breathing a sigh of relief after a tornado was spotted in the Tennessee Colony area. That's in the western part of Anderson County. The winds and rain had far reaching effects.

As KLTV 7's Layron Livingston tells us, things got a little scary as the storm blew over, taking one man's roof right along with it.

"We had hail that got up to quarter size, and all of sudden it quit and I looked out the back window and lightning lit up the sky and I seen a tornado probably 60-70 feet off the ground."

Eddie Crockett is used to responding to disasters as chief of the Tennessee Colony Volunteer Fire Department. But last night was different.

"We just grabbed the pets up and headed to the bathroom, but it was too late," said Crockett.

And too much for his roof - 70 mile per wind gusts sent metal sheets flying from the northern end of his home. Now they're twisted and thrown across his yard.

"The...hardest part is to clean up extensive damage...probably around 5 or 6,000 dollars worth right now," said Crockett.  

A whole crew of firefighters from different departments are up on the roof, clearing out soaked insulation and damage.

Across the road, Charles and Nelda Sanders are lending a helping hand. They live next door to a senior citizen. Before she gets back home, they'll have her driveway clear.

"Just being a neighbor to her," said Charles Sanders.

Wayne Gideon lives in Frankston. He's glad this downed tree is all he has to worry about.

"I mean, it laid right down on the ground, didn't hit a shingle or nothing else...we're lucky."

The same can't be said for the old bank blown to the ground. Annie Smith lives right across the street.

"I just thank the Lord everything is as well as it is," said Smith.

And soon enough, Chief Crockett will be able to say the same, thanks to a team of faithful firefighters.

"It's one for all and all for one," said Crockett.

No injuries have been reported due to last night's storms.

Layron Livingston, reporting.

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