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As gas prices fall, local drivers have mixed opinions

The stock market is not the only thing falling. We've seen gas prices in East Texas take a dip, as well. So, are the lower gas prices restoring confidence back to East Texans?

We sent KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley to find out.

Brooke Ivie works at the Jalapeno Tree in Longview. She drives her gas guzzling SUV from Hallsville, and it leaves her tank - "Empty! It's always on empty. The low fuel light is always on."

Although, gas is low for now, for Brooke the prices haven't really boosted her confidence.

"It's not any better yet, but hopefully it will get better maybe I'll get a raise and then I can afford it," said Ivie.

Steven Hicks drives his Kawasaki motorcycle and he's all for low gas prices but only if they last.

"If it stays like that, that'll work. It'll pay for lunch everyday at work. Like I say any little bit of help you know even if it's only for a little while it'll help let's see if they keep it that way," Hicks.

Here at Tiger Mart Exxon, gas is $3.29. Some consumers like it and some wish it would dip a little lower.

"To me I wish it dropped just a little bit more. I'm looking at 2.75 and I'll be satisfied," laughed Valentine Gallegos.  

"With the way the economy is going and everything is crashing right now, I just don't really see it happening," said Stephany Johnson.

"Well it gives me hope...I hope it does go down...I hope it continues to go down but with the market the way it is right now I just....don't know it's probably going to go back up," said Michael McCugh.

Despite talks of the bad economy college student Kali <orrison says one things for sure when it comes to dropping gas prices.

"It's one less thing we have to worry about I guess you know everyone's like, this is bad. And this is bad..well at least this is the one good thing that's coming out of it," said Kali Morrison.

In Longview, the lowest gas we showed you is $3.29. In Tyler, we found gas as low as $3.19.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting.

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