The Perfect Omelet: "Does It Work?"

In this week's "Does It Work?" report, we test a product that claims to make the perfect omelet. In fact, they call it the Perfect Omelet. We did the test with the help of Kay Howell and her microwave. We start with 4 eggs. After the eggs are beaten, we pour half the mixture in one side of the specially coated Perfect Omelet bowl, the rest in the other half. The instructions call for 1 minute, to start with, in the microwave. So, with both sides exposed, we set it up for 60 seconds. After that, you push the cooked part of the egg to the center of each half. Then set it for 30 more seconds before doing the same thing. It's back in the microwave again for another 30 second stint. And when that's done, it's time to add our contents-- a little ham and cheese. This time we close up the Perfect Omelet and send it back to the microwave for another 30 seconds. When it came out: "Looks like it might just need a little more," says Kay. So back in a fifth and final time. "Well, it looks pretty good," says Kay. "Nice, big, fluffy omelet." "Really fluffy."

The Perfect Omelet kit also include the Perfect Chopper, a manual food processor that's good for mixing the eggs or chopping up vegetable contents. What's the verdict from Kay? Does it work? "Yes. It will work," Kay says. "But...I can do it faster on the stove." It took us about 10 minutes to whip up two big omelets. But keep in mind, they give you two of these dishes. That will speed things up a little. Clean up is a breeze. The omelets looked great. No butter or oil if you're watching your fat content. And Kay's husband thought they were good. No, it's not perfect. But we give the Perfect Omelet a yes. We picked it up online for $19.95.