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A Better East Texas: Congressional Blame Game

The financial bailout bill continues to be the hot topic from corporate boardrooms to dinner tables across our land.  An endless parade of analysis has concluded that this is a serious problem that will affect most Americans.  But the on-going practice, in nearly every interview I have seen with a member Congress, has them running for cover and pointing fingers across the political aisle. 

Each side blames the other and, if you believe their spin, the other side is trying to sellout America or undermined the foundation of our country.  The nation's financial needs have been pushed to the side while members of Congress spend half of their time spewing about how bad the other party is.  Let us not learn from their example on how to solve problems.  If you make a mistake, own up to it. 

 If circumstances change and you change your mind, it's OK.  Let our children know that we sometimes have to compromise to get things done and if we don't get our way, it is wrong to throw a tantrum and whine about how bad the other guys are.  Perhaps this will be the silver lining out of this mess and one that eventually will make for A Better East Texas

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