East Texas Storms Pack A Punch!

Dark angry clouds set the morning mood for storms to rumble behind--not only bringing the rush of rain--but a slew of weather related problems.

An accident at the Tyler Loop and Old Jacksonville Road was only a prelude for more to come. Rickey Mitchell's says it was lightning that wrestled him outside to see, "I knew it was somewhere right here on these houses and then the stepleader got as high as the telephone polls and then lightning just hit the stepleader and then bam--it was there!"

That bolt of lightning bounced off a tree, setting a Southeast Tyler home on fire. From five blocks away, witnesses came to help, "I'm surprised that the house is still standing, I really am. I'm just glad nobody was inside."

Greg Griffin is glad too. His mom Betty lives in the home on Timberland that needs to be completely gutted after the morning fire. All that's left is a smoke filled home sweet home, thankfully no one was inside, "We're very thankful," Greg says. "Mom left early for Dallas and so--she would have been in the kitchen and that's where it came in and hit the house."

There were plenty of umbrella's popping up on the campus of Tyler's All Saints School, a prolonged power outage cancelled classes, sending students home early. Winona schools followed behind, after a tree's took down power lines, leaving folks in the dark according to Superintendent Charles Thompson, "It's just a little unusual that we lost power, we hope by midnight we'll have power back."