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Lindale HS debate team weighs in on VP debate

As the candidates sparred back and forth, some East Texas school kids were watching the debate with a critical eye. The debate and speech team at Lindale High School has received a lot of national attention. Today, KLTV 7's Danielle Capper talked to them about what they thought.

From the use of notes, talking points and who they were addressing, these Lindale debaters weighed in.

"They didn't fidget around, they stood there, and were talking to the moderator. If you watch Palin, she talked more to the moderator than to Joe Biden, which in debate is what you are supposed to do," said Skyler Shively.

"They make sure they get their viewpoint across even if the question doesn't quite go to what they want to say. That is on both sides. Both people wanting to get in what they wanted to get in," said Phillip Hayes.

"Palin definitely had rehearsed several times. I think it sounded a bit prompted at times," said Julia Bodiford."

"They were both using their notes throughout the debate. Which is important, but they didn't look down at their cards the whole time. They knew what they were going to say but they just used them as a reminder, which is a really good thing," said Shively.

Everyone agreed the debate was friendly with no attacking. but opinions differed on how they came across.

"He was trying to focus on everything on a national level, she was trying to focus everything on a what she's seen as governor, on local level," said Daniel Hatoum.

"Joe Biden seemed to talk from his senator standpoint, out of touch I think. Sarah Palin, I think I could really feel her connecting with the American people," said Phillip Hayes.

Their answers were also across the board who they thought won.

"Palin was a clear winner," said Hayley Julian.

"I think that Joe Biden won the debate last night," said Hatoum.

"Palin overall really pulled ahead," said Shively.

"Biden," said Bodiford.

"Sarah Palin was the clear winner," opined Phillip Hayes.

All of the debaters say they're looking forward to the second presidential debate, which is next Tuesday night at Belmont University in Nashville.

Danielle Capper reporting.

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