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Tylerite receives President's Volunteer Service Award

The America Red Cross of Smith County and East Texas Food Bank are proud to announce Tyler resident George Moses will receive the President's Volunteer Service Award at The White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives Conference in Dallas on Friday.  George is being recognized for his exemplary service to both organizations during disaster response.  He has been a volunteer with the American Red Cross of Smith County for eight years.  During this time, he has been the lead contact in disaster response between these two organizations.  

"Even as George undergoes chemotherapy for non-Hodgkin lymphoma, his commitment has not wavered which is a true testament to his commitment to help others," said Robert L. Bush, Executive Director of the East Texas Food Bank.  "Through his efforts thousands of people's lives have been changed and this award is a small way to thank him for his selfless work."

"During Hurricanes Gustav and Ike, our community housed and fed 5,000 evacuees from the coast for weeks.  Most people don't stop to think about what it takes to provide mass care to thousands during a disaster, but it takes an army of agencies and volunteers," said Tammy Prater, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Smith County.  "George Moses is one of our generals.  Because of him, thousands were fed; hundreds of babies received diapers and formula; our mission was met.  One man can make a tremendous difference in the lives of others.  One did. "

"I first met George during Hurricane Katrina and Rita.  His persuasiveness and persistence helped to strengthen the partnership of the two organizations," said Joey Morris, Director of Operations at the East Texas Food Bank.  "Now, thanks to George the organizations are fully integrated when responding to disasters such as Hurricanes Gustav and Ike."

"George is a valuable volunteer.  He handles all the logistics of the chapter from securing shelter agreements to obtaining feeding agreements," says Lisa Hoover, Emergency Service Director. "He manages supplies as well as coordinates volunteers to deliver supplies to our shelter sights.  George is an irreplaceable volunteer who makes my job a whole lot easier!"



When George was asked why he volunteers for the American Red Cross of Smith County he stated, "I worked for the Red Cross Kleen, Texas when I moved to Tyler I needed something to do, the local chapter had a need and I was able to fill that need."

George has been a volunteer for the Smith County Chapter since 2000.  George wears many hats at the American Red Cross of Smith County.  He is a military caseworker taking military calls after-hours.  He handles all the logistics for Disaster Services working at least once a week obtaining shelter and feeding agreements.  George also coordinates volunteers to assist with delivering supplies to shelters; he assists in teaching Shelter Boot Camp Training.  The American Red Cross of Smith County estimates that George has volunteered over 8,200 hours during the last eight years.

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