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East Texans tell us what they're looking for in the VP debate tonight

The Vice Presidential debate is expected to draw an unprecedented audience.

Given the extraordinary attention paid to the campaign and Palin's surprise selection as John McCain's running mate, it stands a strong chance of becoming the most-watched Vice Presidential debate ever.

Today we asked East Texans what they are going to be watching for.

"Intellectual response, more so than the other one. In other words, how well they spar or even if they spar...I know they will probably be the economy Iraq, there are other things beside that. I want to see how well their body language is. Just the way they hold themselves. I'm very open. I basically have my mind made up but I am open to both of them," said Sherry Bickham.

"I want to see the true Sarah Palin come through. I think they have kinda sheltered her a little bit. From what I've seen I like her, but I want to see what she can do," said Steve Herber.

"I'm hoping it will be a good and a fair debate. But you know some of the things we are hearing about the interviewer being already slanted, kinda makes you think possibly the questions are possibly going to be skewed against Sarah Palin," said Judy Pond.

"I'm looking for what their answers are on the issues especially the financial situation that is going on right now, and of course the war. The issues that are facing the country right now," said John Paul Little.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com

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