Storms Hit East Texas

Storms plow through East Texas leaving behind thousands of dollars worth of damages. The part of Smith County hit hardest Sunday night was the Highway 69 corridor. Retailers saw signs and even a giant antenna topple over. Monday, they spent the day cleaning up the damages.

Mary mantooth says Sunday night's storm brought her to tears.  It destroyed dozens of her woodworks and left 10-thousand dollars worth of damages.

She wasn't the only one. Trees were uprooted at nearby homes and billboards advertising local retail were knocked over.

Bruce Davis saw 50 pound barrels knocked off their feet.  Truck company owner Alan Eisenmann's antennae was destroyed and with it all his communications

Businesses spent the day picking up the pieces, and remembering the fiercest storm we've had all summer.

At least two business owners say it will take them a few days before everything is business as usual.