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Christmas in October? For shoppers, it's a goldmine

It's only October, but some East Texans are already decking the halls. And for good reason. KLTV 7's Layron Livingston hit the stores today. Christmas is coming early this year, just in time for a budget friendly holiday.

"It seems a little strange, but in a retail business like this, we're kind of ahead of the game a couple of months."

Brad Gustafson is a manager at Lowe's, and he says there's been a little bit of a shift to get things out on the floor earlier.

"It's October, but we have Christmas at Lowe's."

But his store isn't the only one. Over at Target, the holiday spirit is alive and well.

"We started getting phone calls back in July about Christmas lights and other various Christmas items," said Torey Hughes, the Target manager.

Shoppers like Sheila McGuire say they like to get an early start. She also recognizes the benefits.

"Maybe it's giving people a little extra time to purchase the things that they would ordinarily just run out and by at the last minute. I think it gives them a little extra time to pay a little extra time so they can still have things, and not hit the crunch so bad," said McGuire.

For that same reason, Walmart stores across the country are cutting prices, offering toys for girls and boys for only $10.

"These are some very significant rollbacks....30, 40, 50 percent on our rollback items," said Darryl Flynn, a Walmart store manager. "This year may be a bit difficult year some of our consumers and our customers, so we really wanted to go out and do everything we could to make that shopping choice easier this year."

Those items are already on display, along with all the decor, helping you count your coins and the days - the holidays.

Holiday shopping normally accounts for nearly half of retail sales figures each year.

Layron Livingston, reporting.

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