New Terminal Gives Tyler Airport Economic Momentum

Finally, after two years and fifteen million dollars, Tyler Pounds Regional Airport's new terminal is open for business. Airport Manager Davis Dickson says, "Things have been really working well this morning. Yeah, we're having to make a few adjustments. People are kind of getting used to the new facilities, but things are working out great."

Today's passenger load was brisk, as people arrived and departed from american eagle flights at the new terminal. The question is, will the traffic be enough to support the expanded terminal? Airport management says it will, and wants to use the new facilities to draw other airlines back to tyler.

"I think all of us would like to be aggressive to continue conversations with Continental Express, where we had them before with direct Houston service," Dickson says. "But another desire is to have direct service to Austin."

Facilities are ready for expansion, and Dickson says Tyler's air traffic load hasn't suffered as badly as the rest of the country. "It's nice to say that Tyler was one of the first cities to rebound. American Eagle, their boardings are equal to or better than what they were before September eleventh,"

Their next step in expansion is more flights, so East Texans can get where they're going without having to drive outside of Tyler.