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Brook Hill Basketball gets one year probation from TAPPS

Brook Hill basketball is on probation for one year, according to TAPPS.

At issue is the solicitation of students, specifically a letter sent out to approximately 250 children from kindergarden through fifth grade to promote Brook Hill's elementary school by former Whitehouse and current Brook Hill basketball coach Wally Dawkins.

In a statement, Brook Hill Headmaster Rod Fletcher said the letter was not sent to target athletes, and they are considering a final appeal to TAPPS.

According to TAPPS Director Ed Burleson, Brook Hill has been given a one-year probation and a public reprimand.

Wednesday afternoon, Brook Hill released the following statement.


October 1, 2008

The TAPPS Athletic Executive Committee has upheld the decision of the District Committee who found that The Brook Hill School is in violation of Section 87 of the TAPPS By-laws, specifically:

Section 87 Solicitation of Students


b. Examples of Unacceptable Solicitation

ii. Mailings to specific athletes or groups of athletes

As a result, the basketball program has been placed on a one-year probation and the school has been publically reprimanded. 

The Brook Hill School is considering a final appeal to the TAPPS Executive Board based upon the following facts:

The Brook Hill School sent a letter to approximately 250 children in kindergarten through fifth grade written by Wally Dawkins, the newly hired Boys' Varsity Basketball Coach.  The letter was sent to children who had participated in camps, lessons, lock-ins or leagues that he had sponsored while working at Whitehouse ISD.  The purpose of the letter was to promote Brook Hill's three-year-old elementary school to parents of children in grades k-5.

The letter was sent after considering the TAPPS By-laws and with a genuine belief that it was not a violation since it was sent to young children and to a broad group of participants in a variety of activities sponsored by Coach Dawkins.  It was in no way intended to target athletes or groups of athletes.

The Brook Hill School is a comprehensive, quality, Christ-centered, college preparatory school in Bullard, Texas.  It is our desire, through any publicity or marketing that we do, to communicate who and what we are so that families around East Texas can consider their options when it comes to the very important decision to educate their children.

It has always been, and continues to be, our policy to strictly follow the TAPPS By-laws. 

Rod Fletcher

Headmaster, The Brook Hill School

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