Longview Apartment Complex Damaged By Fire

At least four east Texas families are displaced tonight after a fire at the Princeton Club Apartments in Longview.

The blaze started just before nine this morning.

The fire Marshal says one of the residents left a pan unattended on the stove.

This morning's fire took residents by surprise.

Many were sleeping when they heard a knock at their door--someone telling them to get out.

The Longview Fire Department says the blaze started after Adrean Lemon, staying in this bottom apartment, accidentally left a pan on the stove.

"This morning I was gonna cook some Raviolis and I guess I turned the wrong burner on again and started the fire," says Lemon.

Adrean says after she put the pan on the stove she sat down and accidentally went back to sleep.

But luckily the smell of smoke woke her up, "I smelled it. I'm a real light sleeper. I smelled it.:

" She went to get a fire extinguisher didn't know how to use it and so the fire was allowed to communicate with other parts of the building," says fire Marshal, Davis Whitehurst.

Adrean says she called the apartment's office to tell them about the fire.

They called 9-1-1 and one by one each resident was evacuated.

The apartment Adrean was staying in with her ex-husband was destroyed.

Three other apartments sustained heavy smoke damage.

The fire marshal's office says in all four families will have to find a temporary home.

"I feel, I can't even explain it. My husband is gonna kill me," says Lemon.

No one was injured from the fire. Adrean Lemons was later transported to Longview Regional hospital for observation.

The Princeton Club has provided other apartments for resident's whose homes were damaged.

Ironically the same unit at the Princeton Club apartments was the scene of another recent fire.

Just two years ago a chimney fire destroyed several apartments.