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08/25/02 - Longview

New Asian Market Opens in Longview

If you've ever had a craving for unique foods from the far east like pickled quails eggs, or fancy fungus, you would normally have to go as far as Dallas or Shreveport to find a market that sells it.

Now a Longview couple is changing all that with the opening of Hunasi's Asian market.

25 year old Dale Mount and his Indonesian wife Atun, came up with the idea to fill a void. Hunasi's, named in honor of Atun's father, is on Bill Owens parkway, and will feature cusine from Japan , China, Indonesia and all over Asia.

Favorites like coconut extracts, exotic fruits and vegetables, sauces, even squid jerky and more on the way will grace the shelves.

Theres even a line of Asian soda's like coconut, sugar cane, and birds nest.

So if you're felling like a little something different, stop by Hunasi's, No telling what you find.

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