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March To Be Held For Murder Victim; Killer Still On The Loose

Marshall Police release to surveillance video of a "person of interest" in connection to the city's first murder this year. Back in January, 27 year old Graylon Williams was gunned down behind Sweet Stop Convenience Store off Grand Avenue. Williams' killer was never found but as KLTV 7's Lakecia Shockley reports, tonight police are close to solving the case.

Police want you to take a good look at this person of interest. The video was taken the night Graylon Williams was shot after leaving this store.

"He's just a person of interest. Everyone has been identified in the video except this subject. The vehicle is an early model Ford Explorer or Chevrolet Trail Blazer, white vehicle that he gets into," said Sonya Johnson, a detective with the Marshall Police Department.

Police say the person of interest paces around and walks back and forth.

Then, a white SUV pulls up and gets in.

Minutes later, police got the call that Graylon had been shot in the back on a walking trail right behind the store.

"We're dedicated to solving it. With have investigators around the clock that are determined to make sure that Graylon's murder gets solved," said Johnson.

For Graylon's mother, Shirley Williams, finding her son's killer would bring justice.

"I know it's going to hurt me to find out who had the nerve to kill my baby simply because he was a good kid and he loved everybody," said Williams.

To remember Graylon and celebrate his 28th birthday on Tuesday, his family and east Texans will walk with his posters hoping that his killer will be found.

"The march symbolizes to me that Graylon still lives this is what he loved, his birthday," said Williams. "I just try to keep a positive attitude about it and I know my baby didn't die in vain."

The march for Graylon will be held tomorrow at the Sweet Stop on 100 Grand Avenue in Marshall at 5:00 pm. If you recognize the person in the video, call Marshall Police.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting

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