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A Better East Texas: Cell Phones

Right now, someone in my family is probably using a cell phone.  These little devices have become essentials in today's world.  But recently, several cities including Dallas have banned hand-held cell phone usage while driving through school zones. 

This includes specifically texting and phone usage but you can use a hands free device. 

It is easy to jump on the bandwagon and support this legislation.  But the problem I have with this new type of law is that you can still smoke, drink a cup of coffee, put on make-up or any number of tasks that can be equally as distracting as using a cell phone. 

Several studies have also shown that talking on the phone is as distracting as holding the phone itself. 

 But whatever the cause, as drivers, we have the responsibility to operate our vehicles safely.  Additionally, there are more motorcycles and more smaller cars on the road than ever before.

    Unfortunately, laws like the cell phone free zones are not part of the needed solution. 

 A true solution will not come from law makers, but from us as individuals, making responsible decisions regardless of convenience or inconvenience, and that will make for a safer and a Better East Texas.

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