Double the Fun: Four Twins Head Off To School

If you thought it was hard dropping your kids off to school for the first time, try having four kids in the same family, the same age starting at the same time. That's how it is for one family in Bettie, a small town near Gilmer.

It's an unusual situation.

A mom and her oldest daughter each had a set of twins four years ago. Now their little ones are starting school and going to the same pre-kindergarten classroom. Mother and daughter say its fun raising their twins together, and the kids get along even though they haven't quite figured out how they're related yet.

"I figure when they get older it's going to be funny," said Shannon Hayes who had twins seven months after her mom."They're gonna be like, yeah, this is my uncle, you know. And he's the same age they are."

Both moms say Carly, Quinten, Katherine, and Kyleigh are enjoying school so far.