Man Gets 25 Years For Attacking Ex-Wife

"It came and went sometimes day in and day out and sometimes there'd be breaks between it."... but for years, Kathy Pool was worried about what her husband might do.

That worry became terror, after more than 25 years of marriage. Randy Rool admits he had a problem... but starting in the 80s, and going until his arrest in October, no treatment program ever kept him away from alcohol and drugs.

Kathy says he spiraled out of control and physical abuse became common, and random.

"He took the phone receiver and knocked me across the room with it," Kathy says about one incident.

Asst. District Attorney Alicia Cashell:  "He is very controlling, when he lost control of his wife when she filed for divorce, he could not deal with that."

Kathy began to tape her phone calls...

In one of them, Randy says: "If it's the last thing I do on this earth, I'm going to kill you."

That call was just six hours before Randy showed up at her home.  Kathy was on the phone with 911 her burglar alarm sounding, when Randy attacked.

Her face was fractured... her body horribly bruised. Reconstructive surgery now covers some of the physical scars.

"Waking up, looking in the mirror, seeing that you look like a monster," Kathy says. "Your eyes (are) all screwed up, you can't see, you can't drive, you can't live alone, you can't do any of that."

"I can't go one day, not one day that I don't think about this attack, when I put lipstick on, I have this scar I hit every time, my nose is sore, my face is numb."

Randy Pool's attorney asked for a year long drug treatment and probation, saying he had no substantial criminal history. The prosectution wanted life. Judge Diane DeVasto settled on 25 years. Time for rehabilitation or reflection, but Kathy says she will never stop looking over her shoulder.

"I think about if he gets out, how many people are going to have to be scared because people tell you they're scared."

With time served, Randy Pool could be eligible for parole in about ten years.