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Family adopts 15 children from around the world

Seventeen children, all in one family and all showing livestock Saturday at the East Texas State Fair.  For many, it's hard to imagine raising, feeding and clothing 17 children, but one Texas couple said they were so blessed they just had to share their love and adopt 15 kids from around the world.  KLTV 7's Courtney Lane has their story.


Meet the Faske family.  Seventeen kids in all, ranging in age from four to 19.

"It's really busy, but it's a lot of fun, and we never get bored, we always have something to do," said mother Suzanne Faske.  Suzanne and her husband say it wasn't something they planned on, but the more they rescued and adopted, the more room they found in their hearts.

"After we adopted our first child and went to India and saw how awful some of the orphanages are and how many children were in need of families, I think it just drew us to going back again and again and again," said Suzanne. "Because we just have so much here to be thankful for and they don't."

"Some of our kids go and feed animals, we take care of animals," said Rebekah Faske from Kazakhstan.  "Sometimes I'm sitting home and watching little kids."  The Faske's live on a ranch in Somerville, Texas, but Saturday they were here.  All the kids, down to little Jonah, 4 were showing their cattle at the Youth Livestock Show.

"That little 4-year-old, he'll come up and hug your neck, and it just breaks your heart," said Gene Hightower.  Hightower said showing seems to be a bonding time for the family.

"The mother never had to tell them to do anything," said Hightower.  "They work as a team, they clean the animals, they bathe the animals."  He said this family has really touched his life, and is a perfect example that love knows no boundaries.

"To watch the love between these kids, ethnic differences makes no difference to these kids," said Hightower.  "To see them run up and yell mom and hug them, it brings tears to my eyes."

The Faske's encourage others to get involved in orphan ministry and consider adoption.  To learn more about the family click on the Know More on 7 link on our homepage and there you will find "Faske Family."

Courtney Lane, Reporting  

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