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Local cerebral palsy patient going to Mexico for experimental treatment

Like her favorite NASCAR driver, Jessica Sipes of Henderson loves to go fast, especially in her motorized wheel chair.

But Jessica says she's tired of "sitting down". Her community is now coming to together to make her dream of standing on her own two feet come true.

Speed might as well be Jessica Sipes' middle name.

When you hear her wheelchair horn, you'd better get out of the way! 

Just like the NASCAR drivers she watches every Sunday, Jessica might just run you over.

As much as she loves speeding through the hallways of Henderson Middle School. Jessica's dream is to one day stand on her own two feet.

When we asked her if she wanted to walk, she said, "Yeah, because I'm tired of sitting."

Jessica was born with cerebal palsy. In November, she will undergo a stem cell biotherepy treatment in Mexico, a procedure that will cost $30,000.

"She said she wanted it for her birthday because her birthday is November 23rd, so it's an awfully expensive birthday present, but it's ok," her mom, Christi Phillips, laughed. "We are getting there."

It's a dream that's now possible thanks to Jessica's school and classmates.

"The advisory class that wins, that raised the most money, gets to have a pizza party, so the kids are really excited about helping out," said Holly Perry, Jessica's teacher.

"It's just awesome how everybody is just coming together to help," said Christi Phillips.

Jessica says the next NASCAR race she goes to, she'll be walking. And yeah, most likely pretty fast!

The stem cell biotherapy treatment is still considered an experimental treatment. Jessica leaves for Mexico on November 10th.

Tonight, Henderson is dedicating their football game to Jessica and will be collecting donations for her upcoming treatment.

Molly Reuter, reporting. mreuter@kltv.com

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