Emu says: 'Don't tase me, bro!'

Emus are incredibly fast and powerful birds, so when one got away from its pen, deputies in Washington were thinking about shooting it. But the animal's owner suggested a less lethal option: tasing the bird.

It's a bizarre picture - a sheriff's deputy with assault rifle drawn - as a man wrestles with an emu.

Look closer. You can see the very end of a taser used by a deputy to subdue the bird.

Kay Watson called authorities - then started snapping pictures as officers, and eventually owner Daniel Garrison, tried to corral the bird that had been on the run for the past week.

It all started Tuesday afternoon with calls to 9-1-1 from this church of a giant bird pecking cars on the road.

Kids at the nearby school were afraid to go out anywhere near Northeast Everett Road.

It turns out the emu is just fine - back in its pen at home.

Owner Daniel Garrison says tasing the bird was a lot better than shooting it, something deputies were considering.

"Every emu owner should have a taser," said Garrison. Emus can easily jump a seven-foot fence - run 45-miles-an-hour - and with their huge, muscular feet, do some serious damage to anyone standing in their way.

Garrison believes his emu broke out of its backyard pen last week - because he'd just sold off the rest of his emus - and it might have been a little lonely.

Story courtesy of ABC News.