EU bans imports of baby food with Chinese milk as dairy recalls expand

The European Union is banning imports of baby food containing Chinese milk, as candy and other Chinese-made goods containing tainted dairy products are pulled from stores around the world.

The 27-nation EU joins a growing list of countries barring or recalling Chinese dairy products. The European Commission is also calling for tighter checks on other Chinese food imports.

Baby formula tainted with the industrial chemical melamine (MEL'-uh-meen) is being blamed for the deaths of 4 infants and the illnesses afflicting 54,000 other babies in China. Health experts say while ingesting small amounts of the chemical pose no danger, it can cause kidney stones and lead to kidney failure. Infants are particularly vulnerable.

The World Health Organization and UNICEF have issued a joint statement expressing concern about the situation. The organizations say "deliberate contamination of foods intended for consumption by vulnerable infants and young children" is deplorable.

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