7 Questions With Logan Lawrence

7 Questions with Lindale wide receiver Logan Lawrence

Maya: What has been your biggest game so far this year?
Logan: My biggest one was probably this last one against Paris. I did pretty good on offense and defense but it was the most exciting one because we won in the last couple of seconds and everybody on the team had a pretty good game.

Maya: Teammate with the worst haircut?
Logan: Some people don't like Colt Keeney's hair but I like it. He's kind of got a Heath Ledger look it's long and curly.

Maya: Most memorable play?
Logan: The first game in Gladewater against Spring Hill it was the last play of the half and we threw a hail Mary and I tipped it up to Will (Kile) and he caught it for a touchdown.

Maya: As a Lindale resident, do you own Miranda Lambert's CD?
Logan: I don't. I listen to a couple of her songs but it's not my kind of music.

Maya: Game you are most excited about this season?
Logan: Probably Whitehouse. We both have similar offenses and both of us score a lot of points so it will be an exciting game.

Maya: Your celebrity dream date?
Logan: I have a girlfriend.

Maya: Wolverine's real name is also Logan. What's your favorite X-Men movie?
Logan: Probably the first one. That's the only one I've seen.