Man Leads Police On Chase, Shoots Self, Then Crashes

He tried to run from authorities last night, and it cost him his life.

Last night, 32 year old Kevin Lee Williams led Longview Police and Harrison County Sheriff's deputies on a chase, before reportedly shooting himself and crashing on Highway 31, just north of the Loop 281 exit.

However, as KLTV 7 LaKecia Shockley shows you, that's not all the damage he left.

The tire tracks are still fresh in the grass in front of Azura Energy. Authorities say Kevin Lee Williams veered off Highway 31 and ran smack into Karl Jones' business.

"The vehicle had already clipped that light pole down and it was laying the street and then it went on through the building here as you can see," said Jones, the manager of Azura Energy System.

Police were in pursuit of Williams because of burglary warrants out of Harrison County. Williams also had warrants in Gregg County and was previously arrested in Smith County on possesion of a controlled substance.

Authorities say during the pursuit, Williams shot himself with a high powered rifle.

"That's the easy way out for most people I guess," said Cody Jones, a technician for Azura Energy.

And that's when he crashed his Dodge pick-up truck into the building, leaving all the destruction.

"It was rocks and bricks everywhere, debris all inside the building our furniture was kind of messed up," said Cody. "There was blood on our concrete and there was blood in the grass. We had to clean that up."

Fortunately, no empolyees were working inside the building when the crash happened and no one else were hurt.

"Yeah, he could have run across the lanes and killed somebody you know driving down the road with their family," said Cody.

An autopsy on Williams has been ordered.

LaKecia Shockley, Reporting