7 On Your Side: Hubbard Middle School traffic

Frustrations are running high in the Hubbard Middle School neighborhood in Tyler. It seems all those parents picking up and dropping off their students are causing one too many traffic problems, and some neighbors are fed up. In a KLTV 7 on your side exclusive, Layron Livingston tells us who's doing what to keep things flowing.

"I'm trying to do everything that this neighborhood can possibly do," says Teresa Van-Sandt.

School's out and she's suited up in her orange vest. Van-Sandt is on parking patrol.

"On Hubbard, that whole first section says no parking at any time, and people park," she told me today.

Teresa says the traffic outside her home has been a problem for a while, at least twice a day drivers line her street, ignoring signs and blocking driveways.

"To them, it's no skin off anybody's nose, but they don't know how much it impacts us," said Van Sandt.

"The people can't pick up my garbage....they can't leave my mail," said Laverne Berber. She lives right across the street from Hubbard, and says she's basically had to alter her life. "I try not to have any appointments between 8 and 9 o'clock in the morning....it's just nearly impossible to get out," she said.

Teresa Van Sandt will soon start collecting signatures from neighbors and parents alike to present to TISD.

"They need to take action immediately," she said.

TISD officials say school administrators are monitoring traffic flow on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, city officials say their hands are tied.

"We feel like we've done what we can do with just the police being informed, and having the appropriate number of signs out there," said Carter Delleney, the city of Tyler engineer.

Officers were out today, enforcing on their side of the street. But parents are frustrated about what's not going on the opposite side.

"I'm kind of surprised the school can call up bond issues to build new schools and not handle parking problems on the current campuses," said parent Butch Jones.

Meaning Teresa's work - goes on.

TISD says as of right now, there are no plans in the works to change the parking situation at Hubbard.  Administrators say they do remind parents of their parking policies.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com