Restaurants That Had Inspection Problems

Five area restaurants failed to make the grade in the latest round of inspections.  Although grocery stores usually don't make the list, inspectors say the Kroger Deli at 701 West Marshall inspected on July 3rd had 7 violations including hot and cold foods at improper tempertures and unclean work spaces. They scored a C.

The Brookshire's Deli at 3354 Gilmer Road also had 7 violations. Inspected on July 8th it had hot and cold foods at unsafe temperatures and unsanitized food contact surfaces.   They scored a C.

Inspected on June 27th, Casa Ole at 410 West Loop 281 had 7 violations , including insect contamination and hot foods at unsafe temperatures. Score: B.

Church's Fried Chicken at 2000 Toler Road had 7 violations when inspected on July 24th. Insect contamination was found and improper sanitizing of utensils... They scored a B.

And Hupei Chinese Restaurant at 501 Spur 63 was inspected on July 5th and had 7 violations. Hot and cold foods at improper temperatures and toxic items improperly labeled and stored... Score a B.