Mission Tyler Helping Those South Of Us Who Lost Everything

One family and one home at a time - that's the mission of an East Texas ministry. Last weekend, Mission Tyler went down to Beaumont and gutted out two homes that flooded during Hurricane Ike, and they don't plan on stopping there. As KLTV 7's Molly Reuter explains, entire cities went under water and families are going to need help to get back in their homes.

The images of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina are still fresh in many people's minds.

Travis White with Mission Tyler says they helped dozens of families there after the storm.

Now fast forward to today. Look familiar? These pictures were taken last weekend just four and half hours south of us.

"Because of the nature and the climate of the political season, or whatever people are not hearing, so if you are not down there, you don't see it, and you kind of get the idea that they are ok, but they are not."

Mission Tyler gutted two homes in West Orange, Texas, houses that at one time had four feet of water in them. One of them belonged to David Buckley's in-laws.

"They lost everything. They had a full size paper of the day JFK was assassinated, and it's gone. It was lost. It was in the water."

The city of Bridgeport, which was just a few minutes from them white says was completely underwater. People's lives are now on the side of the road.

"The question we kind of ask is why not, you know we've got the ability, we've done it before and how can we not go help them."

"They need all the help they can get, everything from furniture, to dry wall, just a place to sleep for the next month."

And with other's help, Mission Tyler says these residents will rebuild.

"They are hurt, but they are not broken."

Mission Tyler says it plans to go back to Southeast Texas in the coming weeks. For more information on how to help, go to the Know More section of our website and click on Mission Tyler.

Molly Reuter, Reporting mreuter@kltv.com