West Nile Warning Concerns Residents

With the reports out of Good Shepherd Hospital, word spread quickly in Ore City about the threat of West Nile. As parents picked up their children at Ore City Middle School, the conversations turned to West Nile worries.

"Sure, shouldn't you be?" said Ore City Resident, Wayne Morrison, "I'm very concerned about it. But with all this trash you've got laying out on the road and water in tin cans, how do you fight it."

Angela Bonnette says she has cut down on her evening walks because of the warning. "You don't think it would happen in your hometown. You don't think about it much because you take freedom for advantage. Going outside, you know, and not thinking about it."

Yesterday, the city sent out a notice, a West Nile Virus Warning. It asked residents to dump out standing water and pick up trash piles where mosquitos could breed, urging precaution, not panic. But, Morrison wants the city to do it's part as well.

"Seems like they'd come around with their sprayers every evening and spray. At least you could spray in the city limits or something like that."

Beginning on Friday, they are going to start spraying in Medlin Creek and in the rest of Ore City. But, they have to borrow the truck from up the road in Lone Star. And every application will cost between $200 and $300. But the City Council says it's worth it to protect their citizens.