Freedom Fighters: Charlie Jackson

Some people may not believe in miracles, but Charlie Jackson of Athens does. It was a miracle that saved his life during World War Two. After 64 successful bombing missions as a waist gunner on a B26, Jackson's plane crashed on his 25th mission soon after takeoff in France. The plane was fully loaded with bombs and the tank was filled with fuel. Miraculously, the plane didn't catch on fire when it crashed. However, Jackson was pinned against the wall of the plane by a bomb and with both legs broken, he couldn't escape. After almost an hour of wondering when the plane was going to catch on fire or the bomb explode, help arrived. The doctor tending Jackson was so frightened, Jackson had to steady his hand as he held the bomb spninner with one hand and gave Jackson a shot of morphine with the other

Charlie Jackson spent nine months in a hospital recovering from his injuries and wondering why the plane didn't catch on fire or the bombs explode. He could only conclude that it was a miracle of God that had saved his life.

Joan Hallmark, Reporting