Driveway Patrol: "Does It Work?"

Ever wish you had a little warning before someone stepped up to your front door? In this "Does It Work?" report, another one of those products you may have seen on TV. This one claims it can be an extra set of eyes and ears in your front yard.

The Driveway Patrol is basically a wireless infrared motion detector. Terri Sayers says it sounds like a good idea and agreed to help us test it. "I think it'd be great especially at night. If someone should come up at night I'd like to know about it."

The wireless transmitter and receiver both operate on batteries. We loaded them up and went outside in search of a good temporary spot for the motion detector. We were set up in minutes. Terri waited inside with the receiver and we approached the house. "Beep, Beep, Beep." "Yeah, that works," says Terri.

The transmitter's probably about 60 feet from the receiver, just a fraction of the 400 feet range advertised on the box. So far so good.

Next we drove past the motion detector, into the driveway. "That works again," says Terri back in the house.

"My son Mason sometimes likes to walk out in the front yard," says Terri. "And I like to know when my kids are out. So that would definitely make me feel better to hear an alarm during the day."

We placed the transmitter right up near the front door. We made sure it's the required 3 feet above ground, and told the kids to do what kids do when Mom's not watching. They attempted to walk out the front door undetected. "Beep, Beep, Beep." Busted.

"It works very well. It seems to be very sensitive," says Terri. Terri noted how it detected traffic driving past her house. But that was only because we had it propped up on her mailbox, and the transmitter was pointing out into the curve of her street. A permanent placement would take care of that problem. "I like it right by the door where it caught my kids going outside."

Of course if there was a lot of going in and out, you'd probably want to turn it off for a while.

"If someone didn't have an alarm system, this will definitely work for them," says Terri.

For 24.95, available online, the Driveway Patrol is an affordable, easy to use extra layer of protection for your home. Does it work? We give it a Yes.