Jacksonville Residents Sleep Easy Again With Burglar Arrested

A registered sex offender on the run for thirty-six hours is back behind bars. Fredrick Dixon was arrested in Rusk County after escaping Jacksonville Police Sunday morning. Dixon was wanted in connection with a string of burglaries that police say involved touching women while they slept.

Since the first break in at her house four weeks ago, Tara Watkins estimates she hasn't slept a full eight hours. She slept easy last night.

"Last night was joy," Tara says. "I was able to go in and go to sleep knowing that this person is behind bars and he cannot at least come in my house anymore because he's in another house."

Yesterday, the Rusk County Sheriff's Department caught up with Dixon, who had been on the run since fleeing Jacksonville Police Sunday morning. Jacksonville Police felt Dixon might return to his family in Mt. Enterprise, and alerted Rusk County.

Lt. John Page of Jacksonville Police said, "Obviously they didn't want those type incidents in their county either, and they spent quite a few man hours trying to locate Mr. Dixon."

The combined efforts netted Dixon in less than forty eight hours, but something else has come from this crime. Since her story became public, Watkins has noticed her neighborhood has become tighter, and she has renewed respect for the police who have given her and the other alleged victims another chance at a good night's sleep.

Watkins explained, "Because they stayed on their job, they know their job, it's made a difference for me and all the other people he has affected."

Dixon was arraigned Tuesday morning on charges of evading arrest and burglary with intent to commit sexual assault. He was transported to the Cherokee County Jail.