Ike hurricane evacuee has her baby here in east Texas

Darius Reece Hinkle is finally here.

It was Wednesday evening when we introduced you to the newborn's mother, Ike evacuee Skye Manning, who was about to deliver.

Well, just two hours after that interview aired, Skye had her baby boy.

Today, KLTV 7's LaKecia Shockley got a chance to not only meet Darius, but to learn the predicament the single mother now faces because of Hurricane Ike.

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When Skye Manning first layed eyes on her new son, Darius Reece, she was amazed.

"I was just so overwhelmed with joy...really overwhelmed because he was so cute. It took forever, but I made it! Now, I'm just so happy," she says as she looks at her baby.

Skye isn't the only proud one in her family. Her older son, 2 year old Darion, is quite surprised and happy to see his new baby brother.

And for Skye seeing her two boys, finally together, is priceless.

"Their beautiful faces is what keeps me going," said Skye.

Though this moment is unforgettable, Skye has a diffcult task at hand. Friends back home have contacted her and said that hurricane Ike destroyed her home, leaving it completely under water. Even worse, her first home was lost to Hurricane Rita.

"It's kind of sad because I think about it and I'm like well, where am I supposed to go with my kids. I mean, I have no where to take my new baby and my son home to."

Though the road ahead is tough for Skye and her family, she's confident, and no matter what happens, she and her sons will make it through.

"We've got to do what we've got to do. It's a motherly instinct, I guess. It's wonderful. It's a gift from God!"

Skye says east Texas has been helpful and generous.

And, because her home was destroyed, she's actually considering staying here and making east Texas her family's home.

LaKecia Shockley, reporting. lshockley@kltv.com