Rice says Russia on path to isolation and irrelevance

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has some harsh words for Russia's leaders.

In a speech to be delivered later today, Rice says Moscow is on a path toward isolation and irrelevance. She says Russia's invasion of the former Soviet republic of Georgia last month "has crystallized the course that Russia's leaders are taking" -- a course she describes as "increasingly authoritarian at home and aggressive abroad."

Rice calls on Western nations to stand up to Moscow, and mocks Kremlin attempts to project its influence into the Americas by cultivating U.S. foes like Cuba and Venezuela.

Of Russia's recent military exercises with Venezuela, Rice says the U.S. is confident of its ties with neighboring countries because those countries are more concerned with education, health care and jobs than aging war planes.

The speech also highlights promises of economic aid for Georgia, while noting that Russia is paying a price for its "self-inflicted isolation."

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