East Texas coffee shop Yahooz fights Yahoo.com to keep its name

The internet giant Yahoo, versus the east Texas coffee shop, Yahooz.

The fight over the name continues.

Today in east Texas, the owners of Yahooz gave depositions to the attorneys for Yahoo.

Yahoo is disputing the coffee company's name, one that was granted a trademark.

But Yahooz is fighting to keep it's name.

Today the owners were asked questions about their company, how the idea originated, and their plans for the future.

"We believe it is a righteous fight. We believe we are a small business that has created good will amoungst our customers. With a known name, with an iconic giant hat of course. One that our customers have embraced, that they have come to know and grow and one that we've become proud of," said Valerie Smith.

The discovery period ends in October, and the case will go before a panel of three judges in April of next year.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com