ET Biggest Cowboys' Fan: Miller brings Cowboys into his classroom

At Jack Elementary in Tyler, Jerry Miller takes his love of the Cowboys to work with him everyday, and not just into the classroom. It goes all the way into the lesson plan. Wednesday, he was teaching his students about fractions by letting them figure out Tony Romo's 21-for-30 completion rate in Monday night's win over the Eagles. It's all part of the gameplan for Miller, who uses things the kids love to help them learn.

"the first day I meet the students,"  Miller said, "we talk about the things that we love, because those are the things we're passionate about. Naturally, I tell them I love the Dallas Cowboys."

"I try and use as many real-life examples as I can, and use things they can relate to, and the Cowboys are one of those things."

Miller's love for the team goes way back to when he was the same age as his students are now.

"Super Bowl V, 1970," he said. "Lifelong fan, as long as I have known what football was, I've been a Cowboys fan."

Teaching math to fifth graders. Miller says,  works better when you can get the kids excited. And everybody gets pumped up about the Cowboys.

"We could arbitrarily choose any number for working out what we're trying to learn," Miller said, "but if I use an example like Tony Romo completing 21 of 30 passes Monday night, that gives them a real-life example and gets them excited. It's a lot less boring than if I just say, 'We're going to take 21 divided by 30'".

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