Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative getting customers back online

As of today at 6:00 am, Upshur Rural Electric is reporting the following outages by county:

Camp: 3

Cass: 74

Gregg: 275

Harrison: 649

Marion: 227

Morris: 0

Rusk: 26

Smith: 408

Upshur: 67

Wood: 0

Total: 1,732

Upshur Rural Electric has 42,642 meters in 10 counties, and at the peak of the storm there were over 27,000 members affected.

The outage numbers shown above are from tap lines, extending from major feeders, which are out of service. Some of these lines have broken poles, broken cross arms or damaged wire which needs to be replaced while others still have trees and limbs that have to be removed prior to restoration.