Gowin Reflects on His Days At Texas Stadium

Former Jacksonville Indian Toby Gowin knows a feeling most Texas football fans only dream about.

Toby knows what it is like to take the field at Texas Stadium as part of

America's Team


"I had an opportunity to play for a team I cheered for all my life," he told KLTV. "Walking in there, or running in there I should say, with the likes of Troy (Aikman) and Emmitt (Smith) and Michael (Irvin) and so many stars of that team. To be a part of that, I still get chills when I drive by the stadium."

As the Cowboys enter their final season at Texas Stadium, KLTV spoke with Toby about his time on that historic field.

Toby first played for the Cowboys in 1997. It has been five years since he last played for Dallas, but his memories of Texas Stadium have not faded.

"I remember the first time, being on the bus, being a rookie and fighting for a job and pulling up to that stadium and you know it's time to perform."

One 1997 preseason game at Texas Stadium is Toby's favorite memory thanks to a backup snapper.

"I just remember he snapped it and it skipped back to me," Toby said. "It was just enough to slow me down. I just got lost in thought and hit a great ball and came off the sideline and Troy (Aikman) gave me a high five. It was a special moment because after that game, they said I was going to be the punter."

For any Cowboy there were the good times and some bad on the home field.

"People ask me, 'Oh, you got booed off the field!' and I said, 'Oh, so did Troy,' " Toby laughed.  "It didn't really bother me that much because (Troy) did a lot more than I did for the organization."

"Dallas has some great fans, very loyal," he said. "I know they helped us win some games by cheering us on."

After 38 years, the Cowboys will move on from Texas Stadium to their new home in Arlington.

"It's going to be a lot different but at the same time it's much needed," Toby said. "It's only fitting the best franchise has the best stadium."

Monday night's game was the 145th consecutive sellout at Texas Stadium.