East Texans learn they need to call repair crews themselves

People across east Texas are dealing with their insurance companies in the aftermath of Ike.

In south Tyler at the Free's home, a limb of a tree crashed into their living room.

Because of the way it was positioned, a crane had to be called in to remove the tree today.

This was something the Frees did on their own, before their insurance adjuster even came out.

Their agent told us today, all of us can learn something from the Frees: find a vendor themselves to do the needed work.

"You also need to kinda have a backup pan for a plumber, roofer, carpet cleaner and all those things because That's where you need to get on a list to get people to come out and help in those moments. It takes us just a moment to write a check but unfortunately we cannot get up there and replace the roof," said Linda Roe, a State Farm agent.

One other thing: be patient. They are working on all the claims in east Texas.

Danielle Capper, reporting. dcapper@kltv.com