Students and Coach Injured In Van Accident

A van carrying a high school girls volleyball team crashed, several students were thrown from the vehicle and one coach was seriously injured.

The accident happened Friday night three miles west of Linden on U.S. 59 in Cass county.

The Tatum head coach was driving her team home from a scrimmage game in Atlanta.

17-year old Aimee Burdshaw says her teammates had a goal this school year: to come together as teammates and not just individuals.

She had no idea they're team spirit would be tested even before school began.

Two coaches and nine team members were headed home from a scrimmage in Atlanta Friday night.

It was raining and the driver, coach SheRon Beard lost control, "Coach hit the side of the road I was like coach and then she like jerked the wheel back toward the highway. We started fish tailing. The next thing I remember is me flipping up in the air," says Burdshaw.

Aimee and two other team mates were thrown from the school van, "when the van started turning I remember holding on to the seatbelt and me going up in the air and I guess I fell out of the window."

Aimee received deep cuts and bruises on her arms and legs.

Most of her teammates would receive similar injuries but Superintendent Dr. Dee Hartt says one coach and one student are still in the hospital, "All of our students but one are back at home recooping. One student we expect to be released today. And the coach or Asst. coach, Debra Robinson is still in the hospital and we're expecting a six week recovery period."

Aimee says Friday's accident won't stop them from accomplishing their goals.

The lady eagles volleyball team still intends to unite and show everyone exactly what they're made of.

The one student who remains hospitalized underwent reconstructive surgery over the weekend to repair damage done to an ear.

Coach Robinson received several broken vertebrae to her neck and a deep gash to her forehead.

DPS troopers say the accident is still under investigation.