Trashed Roads Upset County Residents

If you live on county roads, you're probably tired of seeing people get away with dumping trash near your home.

That's where Investigator Danny Brasher with Tyler Environmental Control comes in. Brasher is trying to clean up illegal dump sites around Tyler and Northern Smith County.

Homeowner Odell Neusome says his county road, just off Highway 69, is a favorite dump site for those who refuse to follow the rules.

"I think it's a little disrespectful to the community when people just go out and dump trash anywhere," he says. "

And Neusome is not the only one upset. Since Brasher went public with his mission last month, he's been able to find one woman guilty of illegal dumping. When going through a pile of trash, he found four documents with the woman's name on them. State law says Brasher only needs three pieces of evidence to link a person to a dump site. His latest offender will pay between $500 to $1200 in fines, says Brasher.

But Brasher says dumpsites are getting bigger, rather than smaller. And he adds it will take more people to clean them up.

Just recently, Brasher took a few weeks off to recover from knee surgery. When he returned, many of the illegal dump sites had more trash piled on top.

He believes it will take the work of at least six people full time to clear the sites.