A Better East Texas: Criminal Talk

You've seen the arrests, the mugs shots, the court appearances, and the cell doors slamming behind them.  Several are caught the next day, some in a few days, most within a week or two.

I wonder if you knew in advance you would be caught, would you do it anyway?  Well you will be caught, you won't get to spend the money you stole, your so-called best friends will turn you in, and your family will be embarrassed you even belong to them.  Bottom line...it won't be the answer to the problems in your life.  Give yourself a break, try another job, finish your education, ask someone for help, try anything except what you're about to do that is against the law.  You should also be warned that the public is scared right now, and they are sick and tired of working hard for what they have, just to have some jerk try and steal it.  And also know they are buying guns, so you're risking your own life when you threaten someone else's.

Or don't listen and we will see you soon on our "Crimefighters" segment and then fitted for that attractive orange jump suit... either way will make for a Better East Texas.