Cowboys Game Brings Welcomed Relief At Area Shelters

The glow of televisions tuned into the Cowboys' Monday Night Football game could be seen at several East Texas shelters.

After days in unfamiliar places and the stress of worrying about their homes, the game was a welcomed distraction for many evacuees.

It seems Cowboys fans can always bond over their team. Cheers could be heard throughout the game, and every now and then a groan and some typical fan shouting.

Still, football brought some relief Monday night.

"It's pretty great," said evacuee Jessie Lemaire. "At least we can watch TV here. We wouldn't be able to do that at home. Everybody is pretty much a family here so that's good. We've all got to be here together."

"The Cowboy game, they love it," said Red Cross shelter manager Charles Williams. "They are just so thankful they can sit and watch it, because a lot of areas as just don't have power."