East Texas restaurants affected by Ike; food safety top priority

With widespread power outages, there's no doubt some of your favorite east Texas restaurants felt the impact, which means tons of food will be checked, re-checked and thrown out.

Today we spoke with health officials and they say they're already on the look-out to make sure the food you may eat is safe.

"We do prioritize we will have a listing of power outage spots and we'll be spot checking those places to make sure they're in compliance. And of course, the tale will come home if they do go ahead and serve it, and they make someone sick, that's what we're here for also, because we'll track it right back to them," said Brenda Elrod of the Northeast Texas Public Health District.

Elrod says each food manager or restaurant owner is responsible for making sure their food products are safe.

Refrigerated food found at 41 degrees or warmer should be thrown out.

Layron Livingston, reporting. llivingston@kltv.com