Some Evacuees Head To Other Cities

Nearly 800 evacuees from the Beaumont, Port Arthur area loaded buses again and headed to Fort Worth Sunday.  Nearly 1,600 evacuees were initially sheltered in the building.

Officials said the decision was a logistic move.

"When we set up the shelter on Troup, it was set up for half of what is currently there," said City of Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass.  "We're trying to get it back to that level which is what we think we can manage and keep people as comfortable as we possibly can."

"We're hoping we can get all of them back home in the near future, but a tremendous amount of that is going to rely on the assessments that are being done in the Beaumont area," said Tyler Fire Chief David Schlottach.

A total of 19 shelters were set up in Tyler and Smith County for evacuees from Southeast Texas.  The City of Beaumont is still closed to residents due to damage from Ike.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.