Marion County Marina hit hard by Ike

Houseboat owners at Johnson Creek Marina at Lake O' The Pines vividly recall the sight of crashing waves and sound of roaring wind as they assess the damage left from Ike.

"The waves were just huge, it was like being on Galveston, it came so quickly and so fast and it was wind coming from all directions the waves were like 6 foot high coming up over the back end of the boats, and debris was flying off all the boats and going all directions," said houseboat owner Audrey Thompson.

Ann Lloyd said, "It was really devastating when I first saw it. I couldn't believe it happened."

Furious bursts of wind picked boats up and slammed them into docks and buildings, houseboats were crushed against each other, 4 houseboats were totally lost and numerous other damaged.

Marina owner, Sam Edwards says one 80 foot boat cost $150-160,000.

Practically nothing is left of the docks, but now all the owners can do is chalk them up as total losses. Many were uninsured and can only try to salvage what they can from the wreckage.

"I don't know what to do , start cleaning up" said Gary Loyd, who lost is houseboat in the storm.

No one was injured. Damaged boats from Johnson Creek Marina have been moved to alternative moorings and to other nearby marinas. The actual cost to houseboat owners is still being assessed.

Bob Hallmark, Reporting