Post-Ike clean up begins Sunday

It was a pleasant Sunday morning for Bob Skorkowsky and his wife, Sherry.  They were hard at work, cleaning twigs and leaves from their yard.

"Part of the price of having these big oak trees is that in storms, they're vulnerable," said Bob.  It proved true for some of Skorkowsky's neighbors after yesterday's tropical storm winds and rain slammed into East Texas.  At Bois d' Arc and Front Streets in Tyler, crews barricaded the street because of a downed tree and power lines.

Of course, what falls down, had to be cleared up.  Dozens of crews broke out the heavy equipment in Tyler and Smith County, Sunday morning.  They freed power lines and cleared roadways.  For Paul Chlapek's crew, it only took a leaf-blower and a few garbage bags.

"Just a lot of pine cones, limbs, but no real major damage," said Chlapek.  Julia Ayers said it was quite a mess at her home.

"It was that last big gust of wind that blew the tree over," said Ayers.  Ayers was on her patio when her neighbors' giant pecan tree came crashing down and destroyed her carport.  While she waited for the insurance company to come, Ayers cleaned up what she could--grateful a downed tree was all she had to worry about.

"I guess we're all still lucky we don't live in Galveston," said Ayers.  Residents in Tyler are being asked to take their debris to the city landfill on East FM 2767.  The service is free if you present a City of Tyler water bill.  If you can't get to the landfill, you're asked to bundle the debris in 4ft lengths for curb-side pick-up.

Residents in Longview can also have their storm debris picked up from the curb for free.  Simply call the sanitation department at 903.237.1250.

Longview residents can also take limbs and leaves to the compost site, Monday, Sept. 15th-Saturday, Sept 20th from 8am to 4pm.

Layron Livingston, Reporting.