Longview Speedskating Hopeful

14 year old Falon White of Longview is a future Olympic hopeful for an event that isn't on the Olympic schedule yet, roller blade speed skating.

It is scheduled for the 2008 China summer games.  Falon has been competing for 4 years and has won and placed in competitions from Texas to Wisconsin to Nevada and showed well at the recent nationals in Nebraska, placing 4th overall.

She did it all on a left knee that her doctor said had extreme cartilage damage.

Putting the pain of her left knee aside, Falon went a step further setting a U.S. record for the 300 meter individual.

White went 3 solid days in Nebraska and did anywhere from 10 to 12 races a day.  The dozens of medals and trophys that litter her room are just a start of what she hopes to achieve.

Her sister Sonie is also excelling at the sport, just missing nationals.

Resting up from knee surgery, the teen hopes to bring home a medal for the U.S. some day.