Longview issues statement in wake of storm

Now that Hurricane Ike has left east Texas, clean up and restoration efforts are under way.

Power has been restored to Longview water treatment plants and they are again fully operational.   Water rationing requests have been rescinded.

Many Longview residents are without power.  SWEPCO has informed the Longview/Gregg County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) they are working to restore power as soon as possible.  The Paula Martin Jones Recreation Center at 1230 S. High Street has been opened to residents that have medical needs that require electricity to operate special medical equipment, such as oxygen generators or asthma machines.

The City of Longview Public Works Department is working to clear storm debris.  Residents are asked to get storm debris from their property to the curb and then call the Sanitation Department at 903-237-1250 to request pick up.  There is no charge for this service.  In addition, the compost site will be open Monday September 15th through Saturday September 20th from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. so that residents can drop off of tree limbs, leaves and other compostable storm debris.

State emergency management teams are working with FEMA to plan the transition from shelters to temporary housing for those residents from Galveston, Orange County and other areas greatly affected by Hurricane Ike.

Evacuees that wish to return home are urged to check with local officials to determine if the area they wish to return to is safe and open for re-entry.  State emergency management has advised that all areas south of Interstate 10 remain closed at this time.