City of Tyler hold briefing; says they're cleaning up

The city of Tyler held a briefing this morning, and said that cleanup from Ike will continue today to remove trees, power lines, and debris from city streets and parks.

"Tyler is very fortunate that we came through the storm with limited damage, " said Tyler Mayor Barbara Bass.  "I am very pleased with the tremendous response by City crews and first responders to ensure our residents were safe and our streets were clear as soon as possible."

The Tyler Streets Department worked 115 locations for fallen trees blocking roadways throughout the night.  Many of these calls involved power lines intertwined with the trees.  Oncor worked quickly to remove the lines and the Streets Department followed and cleared the street.  Currently there are approximately 25 locations that still need to be cleared.  As crews cut up trees that were blocking streets, they stacked the debris in the right of way.  This debris is being picked up at this time. There were no reports of flooding.

"We have fresh hands, daylight and good weather, so we are confident that cleanup efforts will proceed quickly," said Mayor Bass.

The Tyler Fire Department responded to 145 calls, compared to the norm of 25 calls.  These included two serious car crashes, three house fires and 12 EMS assists.

The Tyler Police Department dispatch received 1436 calls for assistance during the storm and 223 reports were taken. Most of these calls were reports of falling trees and downed power lines.